Different experts, companies, research centers and representatives of the Administration attended this new seminar held in our facilities

CATEC’s facilities have hosted a new workshop to discuss good European practices to promote R&D in the aerospace sector, in the context of the European project STEPHANIE, belonging to the Interreg Europe call. Different experts, companies, research centers and representatives of the Andalusian Administration attended it in order to present conclusions about the need to establish a set of good practices to improve the funding of R&D projects in Andalusia.

To this end, good practices from other European countries were analyzed, such as Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and United Kingdom, in order to know if these measures can be implemented in Andalusia to optimize financial instruments for industry, universities and research technology centers.

Among the main conclusions were the need to improve communication between universities and technology centers, with companies and end users, and involve stakeholders and end users in the commitment to innovation, not only to research organizations. Likewise, the importance of aligning research projects and developments led by research centers and companies with the real needs of the market and end users was highlighted, and providing SMEs and entrepreneurs with mechanisms that facilitate their participation in R&D programs financed by third parties. Finally, during the seminar the latest advances of the STEPHANIE project were also presented.

On the other hand, within the framework of this same project, representatives of FADA-CATEC recently visited the Space Center of Liège (Belgium), where they met their facilities and held a meeting in order to encourage collaboration on possible European projects.