Javier Carnero knew first-hand research and technological development lines that our Center addresses to help companies to increase and improve its R&D

The Regional Minister of Employment, Enterprise and Trade of the Government of Andalusia, Javier Carnero, held last September 13 a visit to CATEC’s facilities to know more about the projects that our center carries out for aerospace. He highlighted its key role to prepare the Andalusian aeronautical industry to the industry 4.0 concept or Factory of the Future concept, referring to new technologies and manufacturing systems already being imposed worldwide.

Javier Carnero was accompanied on his visit by the president of FADA, Antonio Gonzalez Marin, and the director of CATEC, Joaquin Rodriguez Grau, who were explaining the research lines that the center approaches to help the companies in their R&D development.
During his visit, Javier Carnero highlighted that CATEC is the only technology center in Spain dedicated to aerospace sector, which has 60 engineers and doctors working in the most advanced manufacturing technologies for Andalusian industry “not only do not stay behind, but never leave the vanguard in the aeronautical sector worldwide. ”

In his words, CATEC is a “clear example” of how public-private partnerships can be a good formula and has assessed that in its nine years of existence has managed leading European research in the sector and in segments such as drones, advanced automation and robotics, developing more than 60 R&D projects with Airbus, other tractor sector companies and Andalusian SMEs.