CATEC is one of the partners involved in this European project, which seeks to integrate intelligent systems such as sensor networks and UAV’s in various application environments

The European project PLANET, in which our center is involved, organized last November 8 the technical conference “Development and experimentation with UAV’s”, with the participation of key national stakeholders in the sector, who shared their experiences in the development of systems and in the research with unmanned aircrafts (UAV’s).

The event took place at the Institute of Engineering of Spain (Madrid) and included presentations and lectures by experts from various companies, research centers and institutions linked to the aviation sector. Among the speakers there was Hannibal Ollero, professor at the University of Seville and scientific advisor of FADA-CATEC, who presented various experiences related to the experimentation with UAV’s in R & D projects, some of them led by CATEC. Following the presentations, there was a conversation in which there were discussed the main problems in the development and experimentation with unmanned aerial systems.

The PLANET project aims to integrate various intelligent systems such as sensor networks, UAV’s and UGV’s in two environments of application: the Natural Park of Doñana and an intelligent aerodrome. PLANET is a project of the VII Framework Programme of the EC coordinated by the University of Duisburg-Essen and with more than 10 European partners, among which, besides CATEC, there are DLR, Selex Galileo, Boeing Research and Technology Europe and the Higher for Scientific Research (CSIC).