CATEC has also hosted the visit of a representative of the General Staff of the Army who attended our facility to know about its activities with UAV’s

Our center continues to receive visits of institutions and entities related to the aeronautical activity interested in their work of investigation and development in projects and new applications for the sector. One of the latest has been conducted by the Air Traffic Control Mobile Group (GRUMOCA) of the Air Force, of the Ministry of Defence, where they could learn in detail the different technological infrastructures that comprise the center, its main initiatives and technological projects and they could witness several demonstrations and testing with unmanned aircraft and systems in the interior test-bed.

During the visit, headed by the head of the unit, Colonel Carlos Rivero, GRUMOCA members also held a meeting with the general director of FADA-CATEC, Juan Pedro Vela, and the director of Cluster Hélice, Manuel Cruz, in which they analyzed the possibilities of collaboration in the development of projects and initiatives of common interest related to aeronautics and air transport.

The center also hosted the visit of another Spanish military representation interested in the capabilities and services provided by the center in the area of avionics and unmanned systems, as well as in its UAV’s platform. This delegation consisted of Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Vera, head of the UAV Office of the General Staff of the Army, Commander Angel Espiga, also of the General Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Engineer Guillermo Jenaro, technical director of UAV programs, of the Engineering Headquarters of the Logistic Support Command of the Army (MALE) and the Aeronautical Engineer Fernando Yela.