This qualification recognises the important R&D&I activity developed by the centre and which will allow increase the opportunities of access to incentives and national and regional grants

CATEC has been granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation with the homologation as National Technological Centre, this qualification recognises the intense R&D&I activity developed to increase competitiveness among the aeronautical and aerospace national and regional sector and which provides backing to the centre, started hardly two years ego though an agreement between the Regional and the Central Government.

This recognition will allow CATEC to increase the opportunities of access to R&D&I grants and helps offered by the Ministry of Science and Innovation at national level, and what will let it be considered as a researching organism to all intents and purposes in R&D&I projects led by companies and co-financed by other public organisms close to this Ministry, like the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) or as well to participate in other R&D grants at regional level, with entities like Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) and the Agency IDEA.

To be able to opt to the qualification as National Technological Centre, CATEC has accomplished some general and specific requirements related to the nature and activity of the entity, its staff qualification or the income percent and the number of customers who have already been invoiced for R&D works and projects.

Currently, the projects portfolio managed by CATEC amounts to 4,6 millions of Euro and its research and services cover the areas of materials and processes, structural testing, automation and robotics, simulation and software, knowledge management and avionics and unmanned Systems, in this last field it is leading European research and becoming worldwide relevant.