Such certification means a new recognition to the work developed by the Centre and a support to the R&D activity and technology transfer that it boosts to aerospace companies

The Ministry for Economy has recently approved the inclusion of FADA-CATEC in the Record of Research Results Transfer Offices (OTRI), an homologation that means a new recognition to the work developed by our Centre to develop and transfer technology to the enterprise milieu. The inclusion of CATEC in the OTRI Network also enables strengthening one of the main aims pursuit by the Centre, that is to say, the transfer of technology to enterprises of the aerospace sector, helping therefore, the improvement of their competitiveness and positioning within the national and international industry.

The Research Results Transfer Offices (OTRI) are tools aiming the support and help to collaboration in R&D activities between researchers and enterprises, both in the national and European background. Their mission is making the relationship between agents of the science-technology-enterprise system more dynamic, and therefore, they identify the technological necessities of the socioeconomic sectors and enabling the transfer of technology between the public and private sector, thus helping the application and commercialization of R&D results generated in the universities and research centres.

Nowadays, there is an OTRI in almost every Spanish university and public centre of research, as well as in the university-enterprise foundations and in the most important technological centres in the country.