Our centre also received the visit of the representative of the UN program for the development of aerospace industry in Mexico and a delegation of the Town Council of La Rinconada (Seville)

The general director of Research, Technology and Enterprise of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Junta de Andalucía, Eva María Vázquez Sánchez, visited CATEC last October 17 with aim of knowing its facilities and technological services that it offers to companies in order to foster R&D&I in the aerospace sector in Andalusia. During the visit, the general director of Research was accompanied by Alicia Moreno, head of the Service of Technology Agents of the General Management of Research, Technology and Enterprise, as well as by the general director of FADA-CATEC, Juan Pedro Vela, and the person in charge of the Knowledge Management Area, Silvia de los Santos.

After an initial presentation about the research areas in which the center is focused and the main R&D projects that are being currently developed, Eva María Vázquez made a visit to know the different infrastructures of CATEC. During the visit, the general director of Research remarked the potentiality and the value that these facilities have to keep on promoting R&D&I in the Andalusian aerospace industry, considered nowadays as one of the strategic sectors for the economy by the Government.

Our centre was also recently visited by Sergio de los Ríos, an important international representative from the UN program for the development of suppliers of the aeronautic sector in Mexico. The visit was organized by the Andalusian Institute of Technology (IAT) during a seminar in order to inform about the development of the aerospace Andalusian cluster and its main infrastructures, companies and technological facilities.

The aim of this meeting is identifying possible synergies and opportunities of collaboration to strengthen the relationship between companies and entities of the aeronautic industry in Andalusia and Mexico. During his visit to CATEC, the UN representative went all over the different research areas and workshops, where he was able to know some of the most important activities and projects where it participates both nationally and internationally.

At last, there was an institutional visit in October 24 by the Deputy Mayors, Juan Carlos Expósito Pérez and Antonio Marín Luque, a delegation from the Town Council of La Rinconada (Seville), the town where Aerópolis and CATEC are located. The visit was welcomed by our general director, Juan Pedro vela, who made a general presentation of the centre and accompanied the visit over different facilities of CATEC.