The portal Euronews and various robotics international magazines, UAS and aircraft have echoed the results achieved by the project, led by CATEC

The ARCAS project, R&D initiative of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission led by CATEC, in collaboration with the University of Seville, has been the subject of different news and informations recently collected in several international media and portals and magazines in robotics, unmanned aircraft systems, as well as national press in general.

Euronews website is specially highlighted, it made a wide article with recordings in CATEC facilities and in the Hispalense University, as well as the articles published in the Aerospace Manufacturing and Robotics Tomorrow magazines among others. The news published in Euronews can be seen in the following link

The ARCAS project (Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System) led by Anibal Ollero, Professor of the University of Seville has designed a range of flying robots with manipulator arms and many joints which let collaborate to transport and making handing works while flying in an efficient and safety way. The autonomy and capabilities of these robots are being developed with the objective of building or dismantling structures with many different purposes, such as rescue missions, inspection and maintenance labours in the energetic and space sector.

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Video about the tests made of the Project ARCAS in CATEC: