The project involves 17 partners and companies, led by ENAIRE, in order to work for the safe integration of drones with the rest of the air traffic

The project consortium European DOMUS, in which FADA-CATEC is involved, did perform on July 18 at our ATLAS Center in Villacarrillo, Jaen, the first U-space demonstration with drones in Spain.

This is the first DOMUS consortium U-Space demonstrations in our country, as a preliminary test before the final one that will take place next September and that will serve as an example of a complete integration of drones into the airspace.

The preliminary test was carried out in the presence of the SESAR Joint Undertaking and included tests in multiple scenarios, such as the use of unmanned aircraft for delivery of goods or their use in a fire emergency. In the case of our ATLAS Center, an urban U-space demonstration was carried out collaboration with a Smart City platform, which was also done for the first time in Spain.

The DOMUS project consortium is led by ENAIRE and is part of a European network of U-space demonstrations framed within the SESAR program. In the case of Spain, these demonstrations are taking place in Jaen and Lugo, and have an amount of 4 million euros: half of them funded by the consortium partners and the other half via European funds.

A total of 17 companies are part of DOMUS. In addition to ENAIRE and FADA-CATEC, Alg, Isdefe, Ineco, Correos, CRIDA, Indra, GMV Aerospace & Defence, Everis Aeroespacial y Defensa, Earth Networks, FuVeX, Pildo Labs, SOTICOL Robotics Systems, Vodafone España, SCR and AirMap are also partners of the consortium.