A delegation of the Asian company visited the center facilities and met with different responsibles of the aerospace industry in the community

A group of executives and managers of the Chinese aviation corporation AVIC, one of the country’s leading companies, made a business visit in Andalusia in order to know the aerospace sector in the community and explore the possibilities of collaboration with the Andalusian companies. Under this action, the Chinese delegation paid a visit to CATEC, where it had a meeting with various responsibles of the center and of the other entities of the sector in Andalusia, in particular the Cluster Hélice and Aerópolis.

The activity was organized by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, through Extenda, the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia, with the ultimate aim of promoting the relationship between the emerging Chinese aerospace sector and andalusian companies and organizations, with a view to encourage the participation of the community industry in China. In its visit at CATEC the Chinese delegation knew the activity developed by the center, its main research and the skills and technological services that the center makes available for the aerospace industry. It also knew some of the most prominent infrastructures and scientific-technological equipment.

The initiative, which was developed in the provinces of Seville and Cadiz, included visits and meetings with other Andalusian companies such as Airgrup, Sofitec, Alestis Aerospace, Carbures, Mecatenic and Airbus Military.