Didier Evrard was interested in the assays and tests with the tail cone or section 19.1 of the A350, which is being made in the infrastructure of our Center

The head of the program of Airbus A350XWB aircraft, Mr. Didier Evrard, last July 17 made a visit to the CATEC facilities in order to know some of the activities and tasks being developed in our Center related to the development of the new commercial aircraft of the European manufacturer. Evrard was interested in the assays and tests that are being made with the tail cone or section 19.1 of the A350XWB, whose first successful results occurred last May and that allowed to obtain the authorization for the flight of the component, which took place a few weeks ago with the first aircraft of the program.

These works are being developed in CATEC by the Andalusian company ALESTIS AEROSPACE, which designs and manufactures the structure for Airbus and TEAMS, that is in charge of the tests in this tail cone. Currently they are being carried out fatigue tests of the component, that will allow to certify the adequacy of the design and manufacture of this set of A350 XWB.

During the visit, Evrard was accompanied by Luis Guerra, VP Head of A350XWB-Rear Fuselage and Empennage, Eduardo Dominguez, VP Airbus Supplier Support-Development-Procurement Operations, the general director of CATEC, Juan Pedro Vela, and ALESTIS managers, Jesús García Argüelles (CEO) and Diego Garcia Galan (Director of Operations), and TEAMS, José Cañas (managing partner), Esther García (director-manager) and Carlos Arellano (responsible for Structural Testing).

Visits of CCOO, and the airports of Seville and Teruel
Our Center has also hosted in the last weeks the visit of other important institutions related to the aviation industry, such as the visit made by the responsibles of the CCOO union in Andalusia. The representation was composed by its general secretary, Francisco Carbonero, the general secretary of the Federation of Industry, Enrique Manuel Jiménez; the secretary of the Association Policy of the Industry Federation, Juan Manuel Tejada; and the secretary of Sectorial Policies, Manuel Ruiz.

The Center also received the visit of the director of the Airport of Teruel, Alejandro Ibrahim, and of Enrique Aguilar, Aeronautical Engineer, who knew CATEC facilities and presented the new aragonian airport project. The new director of Seville Airport, Jesus Caballero, also had the opportunity to visit the center and to see some of its developments in such different areas as “Sense and Avoid” technology or rapid prototyping.