During the event, there were reported the advances of PEGASO technological project, in which an unmanned solar aircraft with onboard energy efficient management is being developed with CITIC, IAT and CTAER

For the third consecutive year, FADA-CATEC was at ‘Transfiere’ Forum, celebrated in Málaga on the 12th and 13th of February, in order to join scientific and technologic offer with corporate demand and new business opportunities in different strategic sectors of Spanish economy, as well as promoting the transference and cooperation between scientific field and companies. Executives of technology companies, academic scientists and public and private research centres, as well as R&D agents of the entire national territory attended to the meeting.

FADA-CATEC took part offering and requesting technology in order to continue developing closer links with other companies and set up arrangements for new mutual interest R&D projects development. There were more than 20 meetings B2B in which CATEC presented its capacities and main research lines and its wide technological services offer. Between the activities developed by the Centre, it should be pointed out the presentation of our new Technology Transfer Unit, in Red Point area, devoted to show new proposals and common interest projects for companies and R&D agents.

Finally, FADA-CATEC had a meeting with CITIC, IAT and CTAER technological centres to analyze and publish research project advances and PEGASO development, in order to make an unmanned solar aircraft with energy efficient management on board. Nowadays, the consortium is working on a prototype that is being developed exclusively in Andalusia, which represents an innovation countrywide in aerospace market.