Our Center collaborated with the International Conference on Dual-Use Technologies, that brought together companies, institutions and European experts in this field on 27 and 28 October

More than 100 companies from different European regions participated on 27 and 28 October in the “International Conference on Dual-Use technologies and RIS3 Strategies in Europe”, an event that met in Seville companies, institutions and experts in order to show the financing instruments and opening new markets for enterprises related to Dual-Use technologies and explore opportunities for collaboration and business through B2B. Specifically during this event 165 bilateral meetings were held, seeking to cooperate on developing new business related to this technology, which is presented as an opportunity for the future of the industry.

The conference, held in Aerópolis, was organized by the Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia, IDEA, and the European Commission (Directorate General Growth) and attended by tractor companies, SMEs, the defense ministries of various European countries, representatives of the European Commission and a group of representatives of national and regional authorities.

CATEC was one of the entities that actively collaborated with this event, boosting the participation of Andalusian companies in discussion groups, holding meetings to identify opportunities for collaboration and promoting own meetings between the enterprises participating in the conference. In addition, its facilities were visited by the companies and professional assistants, who learned about its research lines and some of its innovative technological developments.

Also, before this conference, CATEC hosted some preparatory meetings for the purpose of attending Andalusian companies with Dual-Use technologies could present them at the International Conference and exposing them in different debate sessions that took place in the event.

Dual or dual-use technologies are those products and services developed in a sector, in the field of defense or civil, which allows it to be replicated in other sectors such as civil or military, increasing the markets of the company that develop these technologies.