The activity was organized by the government delegation of Junta de Andalucia in Jaén and included a practical workshop in our ATLAS Experimental Flight Center

Last February, Regional Government of Andalusia organized through its government delegation in Jaén a training workshop in which more than a hundred professionals linked to the emergency sector were informed about the advantages of the application of drones in managing such situations.

The initiative was developed with the purpose of informing about the main applications of this type of aerial systems and about the legal framework that regulates the use of drones. It included a theoretical workshop by Anastasio Sánchez, director of ATLAS Experimental Flight Center in Villacarrillo, as well as other workshop which was celebrated in our facilities, too. In particular, the attendees visited the ATLAS Center and know its infrastructures of excellence devoted exclusively to experimentation, simulation and validation of light unmanned aircraft.

During the day they highlighted the wide possibilities of the use of drones, which allows opening a space for the training of professionals in the field of emergencies. The training was aimed at members of the State’s security forces, local a regional police, firefighters and environment agents, as well as members of Civil Protection and the Emergency Group of Emergencies of Andalusia.