This recognition has been granted to the engineers Miguel Ángel Trujillo, Antidio Viguria, Raúl Cano and Aníbal Ollero, for the development of the first air robot with arms capable of performing complex manipulations

Our Center have been awarded the “Antonio Torres” R&D Award, a prestigious award granted by the public company ISDEFE (Ingeniería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España), belonging to the Ministry of Defense of Spain, within the framework of the National Congress of R&D in Defense and Security (DESEi + d).

The award have been awarded to Miguel Ángel Trujillo, engineer of FADA-CATEC, with the co-authors Antidio Viguria, Raúl Cano and Aníbal Ollero, all experts of our Center, for the work titled “Unmanned aerial system with advanced handling”. This system consists of a new technology that allows to perform complex manipulation operations in the flight of a rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and represents the first prototype worldwide of an aerial manipulator robot able to realize this type of tasks.

The prototype was developed within the framework of the European research projects ARCAS, of the VII Framework Program of the European Commission, and AEROARMS, project of the new Horizon 2020 programme, both led by FADA-CATEC.

Specifically, the first aerial robotic manipulator equipped with a 6 degree freedom arm and equipped with advanced techniques of perception and planning has been developed. It has also allowed the integration and first tests of an aerial manipulation system based on UAV, that operate in interior test bed and in the design of light arms for flying platforms. This initiative has placed our Center as a world leader in the field of new technologies and innovative developments with UAS / RPAS.

The award was presented during the fourth National Congress on R&D in Defense and Security (DESEi + d), held at the University Center for Defense of San Javier (Murcia), a reference forum in the field of R&D in Defense and Security.