The US company is looking for suppliers to develop a new manufacturing project of unmanned aerial system, the Predator B, for the Spanish Armed Forces

CATEC have recently participated in a business meeting with the American company General Atomics, which is looking for partners for a new drone aircraft manufacturing project for the Spanish Navy.

The meeting, promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, through the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda), has been set up as an opportunity for attending companies to establish commercial synergies with one of the leading global companies for high-tech systems. In fact, General Atomics is the main developer of nuclear fusion programs in private industry, and has an important activity in the field of manufacturing and commissioning of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Thus, on the occasion of the award to General Atomics and the Spanish Sener of the delivery of a system of drones Predator B to the Spanish Armed Forces, the US company is looking for new suppliers in our country for the development of this project.

In addition to CATEC, participated in the meeting the Andalusian companies: Isotrol, Nomasa Innova, Inespasa, TEAMS, Airgrup, Casemedia Embalajes, Atis Ibérica, Elimco, Aerotecnic, Curtis Wright, Dronetools, Induplaver, Aeorum, Clue Techonolgies, AERTEC Solutions, AT4 Wireless, Spantec Microwave, Mesurex, MADES, Flight Training Europe, as well as representatives of Invest in Andalucía.