CATEC and the Andalusian Technological Corporation organized a technical conference to discuss the latest applications in this field and know the characteristics of ICT AGRI 2 project

CATEC, in collaboration with the Andalusian Technological Corporation organized last February 27 a technical conference aimed to disseminate the project the ERA NET ICT AGRI 2 project, and analyze the challenges and opportunities in R&D for the implementation of new ICT technologies in the field of agriculture. The main objective of this project, which is funded by the European Commission through the Seventh Research Framework Programme, is support transnational activities in implementing ICT and Robotics in agriculture and livestock technologies, including aircraft and unmanned aerial systems.

The day included the participation of Antidio Viguria, head of Avionics and Systems in FADA-CATEC, and Anibal Ollero, professor at the University of Seville and scientific advisor of FADA-CATEC, those who gave two presentations on technologies for UAS as a tool to improve productivity in the agriculture, and applications of robotics and UAVs to this area, respectively.

The work session also included a presentation on the characteristics of the ICT AGRI 2 project, through Nathalie Chavrier, technical representative of the food industry in CTA, as well as a discussion among attendees entities on the experiences and business expectations in this field. The day concluded with a visit to the CATEC facilities.