CATEC’s facilities recently inaugurated include 3,000 m of laboratories and workshops and 1,500 m of office space located at Aeropolis, the Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia, the only industrial park in Spain completely devoted to the aeronautical sector. During its coming-out, the president of the Andalusian Regional Government, highlighted that CATEC’s main objective is “to contribute improving the competitiveness of aerospace companies through scientific research, technological development and innovation, promoting knowledge generation and technology transfer”.

Griñán visited the facilities accompanied by the Regional Minister of Economy, Innovation and Science, Antonio Ávila; the Director-General of the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development (IDEA), Antonio Valverde; the Director-General of CATEC, Juan Pedro Vela, and several representatives of companies in the Andalusian aerospace industry, universities and academic institutions. Besides the institutional speech and the visits organized in several groups, a video about our Center’s services and objectives was shown, in which assistants could know, grosso modo, our technological capacities and our large scientific-technological equipment addressed to the aerospace research, specialized human resources integrated in our projects, and services offered by our main work areas: Materials and Processes, Avionics and Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Automation and Robotics and Simulation and Software.

Access to this video and see our facilities