The award was delivered in the European Parliament to the team composed by our Center, Airbus and the University Seville, which also won the prize in the category for the Best Drones Based Application of the competition

The team formed by FADA-CATEC, Airbus and the University of Seville has recently been awarded the “EU Drone Awards” for their proposal for the use of unmanned aerial systems in various tasks of manufacture and assembly inside aerospace plants. Specifically, it has been awarded in the category to the Best Drones-Based Application, one of the three categories of the competition, in addition to the Special Innovative Prize.

This international competition, unique in Europe, seeks to promote new developments and projects of entrepreneurship based on applications with autonomous systems and unmanned systems and is part of the 5th Edition of the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) held in Brussels.

The awards were presented last January 24 at a ceremony held in the European Parliament with the attendance of representatives of FADA-CATEC, Airbus and the University of Seville, who collected the award. The team formed by FADA-CATEC, Airbus and the University of Seville has been the only Spanish team to have chosen the awards, having been selected from more than 50 proposals and applications of teams and companies from more than 14 European countries.

The application presented has been developed under the European project EUROC (European Robotic Challenges) and selected as one of the 5 best in Europe. This application proposes to use drones for tool localization tasks (FOD) and small parts logistics with the aim of reducing the times of manufacturing processes, especially inside the assembly plants of aerostructures.

The award failure has been evaluated by a panel of experts and prestigious technology companies like PwC, Intel, Parrot or the EYIF organization. The achievement of this award places FADA-CATEC and the team members at the forefront of European and international drones and aerial robotics, with the use of UAS for the development of multiple applications in the industrial field.