The objective is to reach more efficiency and sustainability in farms, and the works will be developed through the ATLAS Experimental Flight Centre

The Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (FADA) and ASAJA-Jaén have signed a collaboration agreement in order to foster precision agriculture through unmanned aerial systems (UAS/RPAS). Thus, it will be an operational group that also involves other social and agricultural groups whose objective is to conduct research programs to achieve, through unmanned flight, the further development of olive farms combining efficiency and sustainability, while saving resources.

ASAJAs from other provinces are taking part in this operational group, too, and will provide any other necessary technologies to make precision agriculture to become a reality. For the development of this initiative, the ATLAS Experimental Flight Centre in Villacarrillo (Jaén), managed by FADA, will host precision farming works with unmanned flights.

The Centre will integrate its technology with the needs of farmers and “counting on the expertise of ASAJA and its farmers is essential to develop a technology that will not remain in the academic field, but have a clear application in the world of agriculture”, CATEC says. They have also indicated that the agreement is, “a great opportunity to apply new technologies to the traditional olive farming, which will lead to better conditions for crops and increase their efficiency”.