CATEC took part of the committee to organize this event in Seville, which counted on a wide program of activities to show the contributions of spatial science and technology to the community and share the possibilities for the future

Seville hosted a high number of activities to celebrate the World Space Week, with the purpose of sharing with people the contributions of spatial science and technology to the improvement of everyday life in multiple aspects and areas, as well as the capabilities and potential of the space industry in Andalusia.

The program, with the collaboration of FADA-CATEC, finished with a closing ceremony at the Higher Technical School of Engineering (ETSI) of the University of Seville, which was attended by the regional minister of Economics and Knowledge, Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, the first deputy to the mayor of Seville, Carmen Castreño; the general secretary of Airbus Defence and Space, Pedro Montoya; the ETSI deputy director of Foreign Affairs, Maria Ángeles Martín; the general director of the IDEA Agency and the president of FADA-CATEC, Antonio González; and the coordinator of the organizing committee for World Space Week in Seville, Carlos Gómez Camacho, among others, who expressed their commitment to collaborate for fostering the space sector in Andalusia. During the event, a manifesto was read which moved towards generating opportunities for employment and wealth that could come about from this industry in Andalucía.

Airbus DS, the city hall of Seville, the government of Andalusia (through the regional ministries of Economy and Knowledge, Business and Trade, Environment, Education and Culture), Technological Corporation of Andalucía (TCA), FADA-CATEC, HÉLICE Cluster, Aéropolis, the ETSI of the University of Seville, the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, the SevilleUP Association, and Banco Popular were counted among the participants by the organization of the World Space Week in Seville.

Among the wide range of activities organized it highlights institutional events, conferences, workshops, and panel discussions by industry experts; contests for schoolchildren including rocket creations; exhibitions; aerospace applications, and a series of ‘ambassador’ visits from Airbus DS to high schools and other educational centres around the city.