The seminar will be hold in Aerópolis next 30th June where there will be speakers and lecturers from relevant aerospace and technological companies like EADS, Cassidian, Besol or Altair, among others

Continuing with its objective of boosting initiatives and seminars addressed to support the dissemination of knowledge in technologic aspects related with the aeronautical and aerospace sector, CATEC collaborates in the organization of a seminar about Technologies related to the numerical simulation which will be hold next 30th June in the Business Centre of Aerópolis.

The meeting “Technology Seminar of High Performance in Numerical Simulation for the Aerospace Sector” is organized by Aerópolis and also has the collaboration of Hélice Foundation, Cartuja 93, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the companies Altair and Besol.

The seminar includes several lectures and speeches from representatives of relevant aerospace and technological companies such as EADS, Cassidian, Idaero, Aersys, Besol y Altair, among others, and a working lunch and a meeting among the specialists as well.