The event will be held next 12 April at the School of Engineering of Seville, which will be also attended by important aerospace enterprises and entities

Aimed at establishing the ideal framework to set up the links between work life and graduates or students in their latest years, the School of Engineering (ETSI) of the University of Seville holds a new edition of ESIEM, one of the most important Spanish employment meetings on the next 12 April.

Once again, the activity is willing to become the perfect shuttle to reach labour market by the students and graduates from any of the school subjects, among which there is Aerospace Engineering. For this reason, CATEC will participate at this event with its own informative stand through which new talented and skilled professionals are intended to be found who are interested in developing their professional career in aerospace R&D.

Aeronautics will be mostly represented at the meeting, since besides CATEC there will be other important enterprises related to the sector like EADS, Ghenova, MP, GMV, or Accenture, as well as other organisms and entities like the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA) or COIAE (Andalusian Association of Engineers), among others. Participating enterprises and entities will be able to present their employment and practice offers or just their activity advising the students about the labour future. In 2011, more than 3,000 people attended the variety of speeches and events offered by the 38 participating enterprises at ESIEM.

The meeting will be held in the ETSI’s central patio and auditorium located in Isla de la Cartuja. This year there will be a new feature since Erasmus students who are abroad will be able to participate, have the information about the enterprises and send their cv on line. For further information, please click on the web site: