Our center was visited by representatives of the National Agency for Research and Innovation of Uruguay and a delegation of Norwegian institutions and universities

After the return of summer, CATEC has resumed its activities of visits and meetings with institutions and organizations interested in learning about their extensive abilities and technological services and its research and development of R&D projects related to aerospace. Thus, our Center has received in the last weeks the visit of international delegations as the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANNI) of Uruguay and of a representation of the project “Regional R&D and Innovation – VRI”, belonging to the Research Council of Norway.

The visit of the ANNI was composed by representatives of the Andalusian Institute of Technology (AIT), the entity by which the visit was handled; a member of the executive committe of the ANII, the Deputy Executive Secretary, and the responsible for international cooperation. In the case of the Norwegian delegation, it was composed by a total of 12 managers of various entities, administrations, universities and research centers in Norway.

While in CATEC, visitors were particularly interested in the model of the CATEC technology center, its management system (financial as well as of people and knowledge), in the model of technology transfer to the industry and in its role as a driver of the R&D processes in SMEs. They also highlighted the technological abilities of the Centre and its broad scientific equipment for the development of R&D projects of national and international importance.