A group of students from the Technical School of Engineering in Seville also visited the facilities and knew the activity developed by the Centre

Beyond the institutional visits, CATEC is also promoting an image of meeting point for young students interested in aeronautics, both from a national and an international point of view, and therefore, groups of students visit us in order to know our infrastructures and R&D activity linked to this sector.

Thus, last September we received the visit of a group of 22 students form the Euroavia network, an association of students with delegations in 32 cities and 16 European countries with more than 1,200 members. The visit, organized by students of the Engineering School of the University of Seville was made up by 6 students from Palermo (Italy) and another 16 from Seville, who ere specially interested in knowing the facilities and laboratories of CATEC. The aim of Euroavia is stimulating contacts between young students and the aerospace industry, offering opportunities of exchange between different countries and representing European students of this area regarding international events.

On the other hand, the Centre also received last October 24 the visit of a group of students of the subject of Robotics from the Engineering Technical School. The activity was focused on a visit to the main research areas of the centre, with the purpose of informing about the activities and projects and the possibility of making use of the scholarships offered by CATEC every year for students of the University of Seville.