Our center showed some of its main lines of research in this field and the applications developed in innovative projects such as ARCAS, ARCOW and PERIGEO

CATEC has recently participated in the fifth edition of the “GMV Robotics Day”, a meeting in which every year many companies and national research centers present their latest technological developments in this field.

Our Center presented the main lines of research in robotics for implantation, generally, in aerospace sector, as well as some of the most important applications developed in R&D projects like ARCAS, ARCOW and PERIGEO. These initiatives have demonstrated the technical feasibility of the use of air handling for assembling structures through cooperative aerial robots, development of a UAS system indoor with navigation capability for logistics in industrial plants, as well as space technology research on a UAV platform.

The “V GMV Robotics Day” was organized by the technology company GMV, in order to show the current state of robotics technology and its applications. The event also included several exhibitions of prototypes by some participants and a robotics competition for children. The event was part of the European Robotics Week (23-29 November), in which more than 400 events throughout Europe were developed.