The seminar involved both companies related to the field of UAS as institutions and leading European research centers

CATEC participated on September 12 as an expert in a meeting organized by the European Defense Agency (EDA) to analyze the technologies linked to the sector of unmanned aerial systems (UAS / RPAS, drones) that will have greater impact on the next 20 years in Europe in the field of security and defence.

This meeting was part of the EDA’s strategy to maintain a dialogue with the representatives of the industry and research centers regarding the long-term future prospects in the use of this type of technology. CATEC, as a leading technology center in UAS/RPAS, was selected to participate in this workshop, to which companies, academic institutions and technology centers from all over Europe were invited.

CATEC highlighted, among other aspects, the importance that autonomous and intelligent systems will have on future drones within 20 years, including the use of swarms of small aircraft for security and defence missions, and “detect and avoid” systems.
With its participation in this meeting, CATEC reinforces its position as an international reference in the development of new technologies not only applied to the aeronautical and aerospace sector but also to other sectors such as security and defence, and especially its status as an expert in the area of unmanned aerial systems or drones.