Researchers from the centre and the University of Seville, who with CATEC works closely, presented the results of the pioneering projects developed in Andalusia in this field at ICUAS’2011

CATEC participated last 27th May at the most relevant aeronautical conference in the world on unmanned air vehicles (UAV’s), ICUA’S 2011 held in Denver (EEUU), and which brought together representatives from universities and the most advanced research centres from all over the world which work on researching lines at the cutting edge in unmanned air systems.

CATEC was the only European technological centre participating at this prestigious event, whose representation was charged to its scientific director, Aníbal Ollero, and its Avionic and Unmanned Systems director, Antidio Viguria, together with researchers from the University of Seville, who with the centre works closely. The two institutions presented there their researching results developed in fields like automation of airports, environmental surveillance by intelligent aircrafts, an the jointed transportation of cargo by unmanned air vehicles.

This leading role of the CATEC-University of Seville team in this area can be accredited in the last five years not only due to its participation in more than 20 R&D projects, but also due to the publication of more than 100 works in scientific reviews. “There are very few researching centres, universities and companies which can accredit these figures, specially in Europe”, said Aníbal Ollero, who pointed out that research and develop of unmanned air vehicles systems is more advanced in EEUU “that’s why the most relevant International Conference in this field is held in Denver”.