This is the first project of our technology centre in Latin America and a solid bet on the internationalization of its developments in this type of technology outside the European scope

CATEC and the Argentine company INVAP have initiated a collaboration for the manufacture of components for space applications using the metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology. This collaboration has focused on consulting for the development of highly optimized components, designed by Argentine engineers, where CATEC has contributed its knowledge in 3D printing technology in the sector to ensure its manufacturing process and its quality, too. In this way, INVAP continues with its policy of innovation and development, where it has managed to be a benchmark in the Latin American continent in the design and construction of complex technological systems, with a history of forty years in the Argentine market and thirty years on the international one.

The CATEC’s Chief Technical Officer, Fernando Lasagni, said that “this step allows us to initiate the internationalization of our developments in additive manufacturing outside the European scope. We do it for a company that has been transformed, in its 40 years of history, into a technological reference in Argentina and Latin America, and which is now developing its first flight components”. The CATEC’s team in charge of these developments is completed by Antonio Periñan (Head of Additive Manufacturing unit) and the engineers Javier Santaolaya, Alvaro Herrera and Daniel Hervas.

In words of the INVAP’s aerospace area manager, Gabriel Cristian Absi, “the company is constantly seeking to incorporate innovative and disruptive technology in its space products, in order to obtain satellites of greater performance and competitiveness from every point of view. That is why we have decided to add additive manufacturing technology to our satellites to reduce their weight, which translates into a lower launch cost”.

With seven satellites designed, built and placed in orbit, INVAP has become a reference in the international scenario of satellite technology and today is the only Latin American company with the capacity to generate complete satellite projects, from the mission concept to the implementation in orbit of the satellite and its operation, except launching.