This partnership, called NT-SHARE, aims to develop new UAS disruptive technologies that will shape a technological base for the development of high added value applications and services for the UAS industry, with great potential in Andalusia.

AERTEC, an international technology company specializing in aeronautics and defense and the Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies, CATEC, join their capabilities in a strategic project to develop new disruptive technologies related to UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems). To this end, both entities have created a Joint Innovation Unit (UIC) called NT-SHARE, an initiative that focuses on research in the industrial field with the aim to cope with and bring solutions to current technological challenges.

AERTEC and CATEC are two of the main players in the innovation ecosystem of the aerospace sector in Andalusia, especially in the UAS sector. With the creation of this UIC, a new technological foundation will be established, enabling the development of high added value applications and services in the future involving light and highly efficient unmanned aerial platforms consisting of heterogeneous swarms of UAS that in turn include collision detection and avoidance systems that allow continuous operation over long distances.

Through NT-SHARE, a series of technological demonstrators will be developed for concept validation related to the UAS operation, which will have been previously validated in simulation environments. From a technical point of view, the project aims to develop coordination mechanisms between heterogeneous UAS, develop technologies for automated management of unmanned aircraft, and develop a collision detection and avoidance system, which allows integrating information both from non-cooperative and cooperative aircraft for the safe integration of UAS in non-segregated airspace.

As a result of the project, a series of enabling technologies will be available in the fields of study, capable of maturing and becoming industrialized in the medium term after the completion of the project for future commercial exploitation by members of this consortium. Antidio Viguaria, CATEC’s CTO Avionics & Systems, says that ‘the generation of technological knowledge and its transfer to the industrial productive sector, which is one of the main objectives of CATEC, is the best guarantee companies bring to maintain their competitive edge’.

Improving the competitiveness of the Andalusian UAS industry

From an economic perspective, NT-SHARE will contribute to boost industrial and technological business in connection with the UAS sector in Andalusia, as it will promote investment in R&D of disruptive technological fields that contribute to position our region in the international market. As stated by Pedro Becerra, Corporate Director of Aerospace & Defense at AERTEC, ‘this technological synergy between two leading entities in the RPAS sector will allow us to continue innovating in a field in which Andalusia has great potential, both due to its scientific-technological infrastructure as well as its availability of highly qualified personnel for technological development focused on high added value products or services’.

The NT-SHARE initiative aligns with the Andalusian Innovation Strategy 2020 RIS3 and with the Andalusian Aerospace Action Plan, and seeks to generate significant traction in the region, contribute to the generation of new knowledge, strengthen and broaden the relationship between key entities comprising the innovation ecosystem and pave the way to research and the development of technologies that may bring new capabilities to all UAS developed by the Andalusian industry. The latter aims to improve competitiveness in the global market while providing them with strong differentiators. The AERTEC Development Center located in the Aerópolis Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia will be the headquarters of this strategic project.