The initiative, in which the ATLAS Center also participated, is included in the Shuttle Program Geolit, designed to share knowledge and synergies with other Andalusian technology parks

Our Center joined the program “Shuttle Technology” on the past November 27, an initiative launched by the Geolit Technology Park of Jaen. It has the purpose of learning and sharing knowledge, experiences and synergies on technological innovation and development between the companies and entities of this technological park and others from different places of Andalusia.

During the visit to Aerópolis, thirty business people, entrepreneurs and responsibles of technological centers of Geolit could learn about the activities, services and research projects developed by CATEC. A tour through some of their workshops and laboratories was also included, such as the Avionics and unmanned systems, and Automation and Robotics, among others.

Anastasio Sanchez, Director of the Center ATLAS -located close to the Geolit Park-, accompanied the mission throughout the day. He made a presentation about Atlas and the possibilities it offers to the companies that work in the development of new applications of unmanned aircraft to be applied in other sectors and areas, such as agriculture.