Our Center has hosted in recent months the first demonstrations of this initiative, which has also included an experimental flight in the urban environment of Villacarrillo

The town of Villacarrillo, Jaen, hosted at the end of June the final tests of the EGNSS4RPAS project for the standardization of unmanned aircraft at European level. The consortium in charge of these tests is formed by GMV, VVA, and FADA-CATEC, and has been contracted by the European Commission to demonstrate the usefulness and applicability of Galileo and EGNOS services for drone operations.

The common objective of the tests has been to evaluate the benefits that European navigation systems (Galileo and EGNOS) may have in the emerging drones sector, full of possibilities, with respect to air traffic management or typical applications in urban environments such as goods delivery, emergency healthcare products, building inspections and critical infrastructure, etc.

This third test represents a new milestone in aviation, as it is the first in Europe that has followed the methodology set out in the new European drone regulations, recently approved, in particular a Specific Operation Risk Assessment, called SORA, before the approval of permits. The test consisted of an experimental flight in an urban environment.

The first two trials have been carried out during the last months in our ATLAS Center; while this last test was carried out in Villacarrillo due to the proximity of the ATLAS facilities and its segregated airspace, and the willingness of the municipal corporation.