Within the framework of the European PILOTING project, led by CATEC, a virtual conference has been organized to present the ongoing programs that are being developed in Europe on robotics and artificial intelligence that are applied in inspection and maintenance activities.

Last June 29 a webinar was organized on the European projects that are currently being developed in the robotics technology and artificial intelligence field, and that focus on their application to inspection and maintenance tasks.

This virtual workshop has been framed as an activity of the European PILOTING project, led by CATEC, and in which companies and entities from Spain, Greece, Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic, Norway and the Netherlands participated. This initiative proposes the adaptation, integration and demonstration of robotic solutions to increase the efficiency of inspection and maintenance activities to keep the necessary safety levels in aging refineries, viaducts and tunnels.

The PILOTING project research showed that the application of robotics in Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) tasks will improve the quality and efficiency of the inspection, increase the safety of operators, reduce the cost and time of operations and demonstrate its great socioeconomic impact.

In addition to PILOTING, there are other projects underway that focus on this same subject of study, and in which CATEC also collaborates. All of them have been present at this virtual conference, co-organized by EuRobotics and RIMA Network, to update the progress they are making.

The webinar is available at the following link.